My name is Michael, AKA MrBean73 :) Cool name, huh?

I’d like to introduce you to my first ever blog. I’m 17 and am from Canada, currently studying in college. I’m actively involved in the technology industry and therefore would like to start this blog to discuss some of my opinions on the latest tech advances. You’re welcome to have different opinions to me, and can comment on my posts with your views if you so wish to do so.

My first topic of discussions is software – which is better, open source or closed source?

Well to start with I’m going to define the differences between them. Open source is where the source code (I.E. what the program is made up of) is available publicly. This allows other people to edit and publish it, maybe to add their own features or fix bugs. Everyone has the ability to do what they want. The vast majority of these are free, including popular ones such as the ares download tool.

Closed source is something that most of us will use everyday – programs where the source is not available to the public. Nobody can edit it and we all rely on the original developers to maintain and update it. Examples of this include Microsoft, where all of their programs (E.G. Microsoft Office, Windows) are like this. It’s very restrictive to outsiders, but does mean that other people can’t damage it and cause chaos. Developers can therefore charge for their applications by doing this.

My personal opinion is that open source is far better. It also means that you can download the apps from a much wider range of sites, those who specialize in providing them. E.G. www.softwaredownload247.com. This is the one I tend to use most often because of how easy it is, but to be honest you can use any number of sites to achieve the same end result. Closed source might be harder to find as you may have to pay for them, so you could have to go straight to the original company to purchase a license key.

This isn’t exactly good for consumers in my opinion. I like being able to get things from wherever I want, it gives users much more flexibility and that’s what we should be aiming for in this industry. I’ll always do my absolute best to get more and more people using open source software as that’s what I believe in, and the more people who do, the stronger the force will become. I hope you’ll join me in doing the same.